January 13, 2015

I need to feed HOW MANY people?

So, it’s been a while since we had our film recording, and I must say... to have worked with such a dedicated crew can be exhausting. We had a lot of work to do in just three days and of course with so much to get done, everyone gets hu...

November 28, 2014

That's a wrap everybody! We have officially finished filming "Nopperabou" and have begun the editing process.

It was a really exciting month. We traveled all over shooting and met so many great people along the way. There are many people that deserve our thanks and g...

November 13, 2014








November 11, 2014

「Noppera ゴーっ!☆」





November 5, 2014


こんにちは! カメラマンのミキです!

今回、二作目となる短編映画。ビル&ベティとキャストは変わらず、クルーは有り難い事に増えましたが、なんと私の相棒”カメラ”が変わりました! 今回はCanonのシネマカメラ”C100”というカメラを使っています。

使いこなすまで練習をしようと、取扱説明書をダウンロード。約220ページの取扱説明書を読み(取扱説明書を読むのが好きです)、各部のボタンをくまなく調べ、メモを撮り、レビューや関連ビデオをみて、とっても楽しいお勉強でした。 カメラを持ち始めたのはたしか10歳の時でした。当時は...

November 4, 2014

(Hey guys! Chris here. So many people participated in crowd funding from all over the world. When someone who helped out our crowd funding comes to Japan, we try to bring them on set to show them what their money paid for. Today's blog was written by a friend who helpe...

November 1, 2014





最初からわかっていた事ではありますが、音響、照明、ヘアメイク、衣装、小道具は勿論、移動の際の車、 ヘアメイクの場所、撮影場所の確保や日程の調整、スタッフ&役者のスケジュール調整…などなど。 あげればキリがないのですが、普段の撮影では当たり前のように用意されている事の有り難みや関係者の方の苦労を 改めて痛感しております。


October 31, 2014

Hello everyone! It's me Kristi, Tokyo Cowboy's accountant and one liner extra! You may have seen me in the after credits segment and opening of "Bill and Betty." Make sure too look for me again in Nopperabou!

Actually there will be a few connections between the two fi...

October 27, 2014

Hello everyone and thank you dear supporters of Tokyo Cowboys and Nopperabou! Yesterday we had our 2nd day of filming for Nopperabou. It's really amazing to see the pieces being put together. Tokyo Cowboys was born from an idea by Chris and me and suddenly it escalated...

October 25, 2014

Hey everyone! This is Kyle and I'm playing Dave in our upcoming flick "Nopperabo"! We are currently in our way to record the first few scenes of the film! So excited to finally set this thing off! I'm a little nervous but I'm confident we will make a great film! Stay t...

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