Miyuki - Karin

American born print/catalogue model and actor, Chris has been performing since the age of 15. He has appeared in various commercials, magazines, music videos including Namie Amuro and DJ Makidai, as well as television dramas. He recently starred in NDJC 2012 short film The Secret Keeper and will appear in Miracleデビくろくんの恋と魔法 winter of 2014. He also appeared as a regular on Tokyo MX’s Gojinimuchuu. Chris is currently based in Tokyo Japan and is represented by Freewave Entertainment.

ビル (クリス・マッコームス)


アメリカ ラスベガス出身のモデル・俳優。15歳で俳優デビューを遂げ、17歳からはモデル業を開始。ラスベガス、ロサンゼルス、シカゴ、クリーブランドなど各地でモデルとして活動する。28歳の時に来日し、数多くのCM、雑誌、MV(DJ Makidai, 安室奈美恵 等)、テレビドラマ(世にも奇妙な物語 等)に出演。NDJC2012のショートフィルム「カサブランカの探偵」で主役、今冬公開映画「MIRACLEデビクロくんの恋と魔法」に出演。現在は株式会社フリー・ウェーブ専属モデルとして活動中。

Kiyomi - Kaori Ikeda

Born and raised in Tokyo, Kaori began work as an actress in her 20's and has appeared in many television commercials, shows, and movies. She also frequently works as a radio personality, reporter, and narrator. Kaori won Best Actress for her work in the short film "Harikomi." Kaori is currently appearing as a series regular in TV Asahi's Kodawari Navi, as well as playing Kaori in "The Benza" spin-off series "Benza English".

清美 (池田香織)

東京都出身。20歳から本格的に女優として活動をはじめ、TVドラマや映画、CM、MV、舞台などに出演。その他にもラジオパーソナリティ、レポーター、ナレーターとしても活躍している。映画では、商業映画からインディーズ映画まで数々の作品に参加し、全国各地の映画祭で賞を獲得した映画「はりこみ」では、主演女優賞も受賞している。 現在、多くのCMに出演するに加え、テレビ朝日「こだわりナビ」ではレポーターを務めている。

David - Bob Werley


Born in New York, Bob got his first taste of acting at age 17 and has never looked back. Primarily a stage actor in the US, since coming to Tokyo he has been in countless TV, movie, and stage productions, in addition to being a narrator and model. Currently he can be seen in the children’s English learning show “Kodomo Challenge English”, and in “The Benza” spin-off series “Benza English”. More recently he has become the English language announcer for three horse race tracks in Japan.

ディビッド (ボブ・ワーリー)


Lisa - Shizuka Anderson


Kintaro was born in 1978 in Yamanashi, Japan. As a child, Kintaro often watched movies with his mom who worked at a video store and became very interested in entertainment as a result. After coming to Tokyo at the age of 18, he got a role in his friend’s film and became interested in acting professionally. From 26 he primarily focused on performing in stage plays, but is currently working mainly in television, commercials, and movies.

ウェイター (青山 金太郎)