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Tomori - Brushing Up / 日々勉強

Hello everyone, and nice to meet you. My name is Tomori, and I’ll be directing “Nopperabou.”

It looks like after just a few more heart beats crowd funding will have come and gone. I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is to have had so many people show their love and support us. To everyone who took the time to participate- you have my deep gratitude and thanks.

Well! The first day is fast approaching and I find myself busy with scheduling and adjusting the shooting script to the locations. The days are slipping by. It’s hard work, but it is work with meaning!

I’ll tell you a secret about me- I don’t like horror movies very much. I’ve tried watching quite a few and I just can’t get into it. Having said that, “Nopperabou” will be a suspense/horror film. As a result I find myself watching horror quite a lot these days to study.

The world of horror…Of all the genres it is the one I know the least about. On top of that we are trying to please the Japanese audience as well as a worldwide audience. Then there is the general point of making quality entertainment while making entertainment that has meaning.

A lot of people have supported this project. Thanks to all of you I will face all of these new challenges head on!



はじめまして、監督の友利です。 この度晴れてクラウドファンディングを達成をもって終える事ができ、 ひとまずホッと胸を撫で下ろしている所存です。 ご支援頂いた皆様には本当に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。 さて、本番はこれから。 来る撮影初日に向け、台本の直しや機材の手配やらスケジュールの調整等々、 日々の激務に追われております。 私事ではございますが、僕は元々ホラー映画が苦手で、避けて通って来た所がありました。 しかし今回挑戦するのはサスペンスホラー。 苦手だなんだと言ってはいられないので、猛勉強しております。 知れば知るほどとにかく奥が深いホラーの世界。 (他のジャンルももちろん奥深いのですが) そして日本人が感じる恐怖と、外国人が感じるそれの違い。 僕等にとってこれはとても重要なポイントで、そして挑む価値のあるモノです。 ご期待頂いている皆様の為にも、新たな映像体験がご用意出来るよう頑張ります! TOKYO COWBOYS/監督 友利 翼

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