Cooumi - Noppera... GO!!!

November 11, 2014

「Noppera ゴーっ!☆」







Cooumi Kahina





Nopperabou Yamanashi Shoot! The autemn leaves were beautiful and the air was fresh and clean.

We all stayed at a family home of one of the cast, Kintaro. The house was very large so we were all (16 of us) able to stay at the same home. Filming lasted well until 3 or 4 a.m. every day, but the food was good, the cast was great, and the laughs were non stop. I felt like I was a school girl again. It was great being able to get to know all of the cast and crew so well.

I'm playing the part of the faceless ghost Nopperabou. My mouth and eyes are completely covered so I can't see or speak at all. It's competely dark so you really don't know anything about your suroundings. I was freaking about a bit to be honest. Having said that, the longer you spend not using your eyes, the more sharp your ears becom. Since I am a dancer I am pretty good at sensing my surroundings with my feet and my ears were filling me in on the missing pieces.

My part was finished a bit before the rest of the actors and actresses so I snuck back to Tokyo a bit early. I hope everyone does their best with the rest of the shoot and I'll be waiting and ready to go in Tokyo!

Cooumi Kahina

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