Chris - Filming Fear

November 19, 2014

Hey everybody! Chris here.

A few days ago I wrapped my final scene on "Nopperabou," but work is far from finished. We have one final day of filming, editing, promotions...Making a film is a long road, but I'm walking along in good company so I don't mind at all!

If you have performed as an actor for any kind of video medium, you are aware of the time between takes. So many things happen after a take goes well. Angle changes. Costume changes. Make up changes. Hair changes. Location changes. You have to put your character on hold for a bit while these things go on and jump back into it the minute cameras are ready to roll again.

I've been working as an actor since 15, but "Nopperabou" is my first professional role in the suspense/horror genre. I've done a few movies up to this point so I was used to the wait between takes, but scary movies are so difficult! Tomori, the director, has questions about the script. Yayoi, a hair/make up artist I adore, fixed my make up. Kintaro, an actor, pops on set to see how I am doing. The face behind the mask is the face of a dear friend. It's so hard to keep that fear alive in your heart for the three or four hours it might take to film a page or two of the script!

Have you ever been scared for six hours? Hehehe I have now. It's exhausting!

My character, Brian, has quite a few scares and surprises waiting for him in the story of "Nopperabou." I hope I was able to keep his fear alive and real while we were filming so you can all lose yourself in the story along with us.




皆さん、こんにちは! クリスだよ。

ブライアン役をクランクアップした!すごく楽しい撮影だったからちょっと寂しいな。 寂しいけど”Nopperabou"はこれからまだまだだよ。撮影の最後の日は今週の木曜日、、編集、宣伝。。。映画を作る道がすごく長くて分かりにくいけど仲間と一緒に歩いてるから楽だよ。







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