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December 11, 2014

Warm fall evenings have turned into cold winter nights. Director Tomori and I have spend many a night trying to stay warm as we edit "Nopperabou"

Normally an actor doesn't get to sit with the director and editor while they are putting the movie together. You sit and wait the half a year or so it takes after the movie finishes filming and hope for the best. You see it for the first time after things are well done and finished and have no say in the matter.

Editing is a lot like putting a large jigsaw puzzle together where there are extra pieces that aren't necessarily part of the puzzle. It's really interesting to watch Tomori put the pieces together and cut the pieces that aren't needed. Moreover it's cool to watch him fix and change the ones we need to use.

Brighter. Darker. Louder. Softer. Longer. Shorter. Click click click. Suddenly a scene I thought might not work suddenly begins to take amazing shape. A scene to long is just a few clicks away from being perfect.

If the editor of a movie was a painter, the director and crew would be the brush and tools. and the cast would be the colors. Each part is just as important as the others.

Rough edit finished last night! Next step- sound and music!








もっと明るく。もっと暗く。もっと大きく。もっと小さく。もっと長く。もっと短く。クリック、クリック、クリック。 急にちょっとダメなシーンが素晴らしくなる。あまり面白くないところが見事になる。

もし映画の編集者が画家だったら、監督とスタッフはブラシと機材。俳優と女優はペンキとカラー。全部が大事。一つが無かったら画にならない。 一つがなかったら映画にならない。 仮編集が昨日の夜で終わった!次に行きましょう!音楽と音の編集へ!



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