Chris - So many updates, So little time!

March 6, 2015

Hey everybody! Chris here.

Tokyo Cowboys have been busy as ever finishing things up with production on Nopperabou.

In some ways it feels a little sad to let Brian go. It was a fun role and a sad role and a challenging role all in one! However, in some ways I am very happy to get moving on future projects. It’s tiring to spend months on end in a suspense/horror world!

I still can’t believe how much goes into a film even after it is made! Screenings for sponsors, screenings for cast and crew, English subtitles, English trailer, promotion, promotion, promotion! And this is only a short film. I couldn’t imagine how much more work needs to go into a feature length film.

We have submitted to quite a few film festivals in Japan, and we are looking at American festivals now. There are so many! Any good ideas as to where to submit? I’m thinking Las Vegas for sure! It’s all about waiting now.

We have two more screening dates left in March by the way! 14th and 15th at Baroque Café in Asagaya. We’ll make a full announcement soon, but keep the dates free! Well, at least 2 hours.

As “Nopperabou” is wrapping up, Tokyo Cowboys have already begun thinking about our 3rd and 4th short film projects. We have been having a lot of exciting meetings lately, and I really can’t wait to reveal what is coming next!


こんにちは!そして久しぶり! Tokyo Cowboys のクリスだよ。






「Nopperabou」の時代が終わるところだから Tokyo Cowboys は今第3作品と第4作品の打ち合わせを始めたよ。いい話がたくさんあるから早く皆に言いたい!もうちょっと待っててね。



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