A world full of hope.

June 30, 2016


A world full of hope.

The world as I see it is a bright place full of hope.  

However there are dark days when even the man with the word hope tattooed on his arm sees the clouds.  

The recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida was one of the dark days for me. A man armed with several guns burst into a gay bar and opened fire.  49 dead.  53 injured.  

Gay or lesbian.  Bi or transexual.  We stand together as a community and just like any other community we mourn together in times of great loss.

I mourned with my friends.  I mourned with the internet.  I mourned on stage in front of thousands with a smile on my face.  I mourned.

Here in Japan I was hit with a lot of questions on top of my grief.  Why did he shoot people in a gay club?  Why do Americans have guns?  Why did he want to kill GLBT people?  Was he a terrorist?  Was he actually gay himself?  

My favorite question of all was less of a question and more of a statement.  “なんで日本にゲイがいないのにアメリカにゲイがたくさんいるの?“  Roughly translated: Why are there so many gay people in America when there are no gay people in Japan?

I field questions like this quite a bit here.  Why would you sleep with a man when you’re handsome enough to get a girl?  Why don’t you wear a dress or act like a woman?  Do all gay people get HIV?

The truth is at first I felt angry.  These things that seem so natural to me seem so…foreign to many of the Japanese people around me.  It’s not a hatred or a prejudice, it’s simple a lack of knowledge.  Not helping the matter is that most of the gay friends that I have here are rather determined to keep their sexuality something secret and something hidden.  As long as we don’t talk about it, nothing’s wrong.

But you see, that’s exactly my point.  It’s not wrong.   
GLBT is not a country, but there is a culture to it.  Tokyo Cowboys’ goal is still cultural exchange.  I feel like the most dangerous thing to an alternative life style is silence.  Not talking about something makes it scary and makes it seem like it is wrong.  

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with being different.  The truth is that love is simple and true and comes in all shapes and sizes.  
Tokyo Cowboys is proud to present an alternative lifestyle romance as the theme of our next short film.  The next film will be done entirely in Japanese and offers a very specific look at homosexuality in Japan.  We are adding two new cast members to our ever increasing roster and bringing back familiar staff and cast members to ensure we stay true to the Tokyo Cowboys style you have helped us create.

I know I speak for all of us when I say Tokyo Cowboys judges no one and loves everyone for who and what they are.  You be you.  We will be us.  Let’s all meet at the theater and enjoy this bright world full of hope together.





大きく報道がされて、もう皆が知っている事件だと思うが、 2週間前ぐらいアメリカのフロリダ州、オーランドのゲイクラブで大量無差別殺人が起こった。死者は49人とも伝えられているが、53人が負傷した。その日はとても暗かった。












GLBTは国ではないけど、GLBTと言う文化はある。Tokyo Cowboysのメインコンセプトはまだまだ文化交換。同性愛について話さなかったら、隠してみたら、やっぱり同性愛は悪いと思われる。


Tokyo Cowboysの次作はテーマが同性愛。日本のゲイ文化の話だから台詞は全部日本語になってる。今までとちょっと違う話だから新しいキャストとスタッフが入る。

もちろん、今までのキャストとスタッフもたくさん参加しているのでTokyo Cowboysの味も作品にたっぷり入っています。

Tokyo Cowboysの代表として話させていただきたいと思いますが、私たちはどんな人でもアクセプトします。






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