We're all different and all wonderful.

July 5, 2016

As of two weeks ago, we have officially begun production on our next short film.  Up until now we have always had a lot of fun coming up with the plots and twists of our films.  However this time we would like you to join us as we create our most serious film to date.  

The subject matter for our current film is homosexuality.

Though I am heterosexual, I am also a proud member of Tokyo Cowboys.  We do not judge based on country.  We do not make assumptions based on skin color.  Sexuality is not an issue to be dealt with for us.  As always, I will tackle this delicate project with the best of my ability.  

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by all kinds of people.  Some are homosexual.  Some are struggling with gender identity disorder.  Having said that, do those things really matter?  What is important is the friendship!

What worries me is that some of my friends feel like they need to hide their “situation” away.  They don’t want to be viewed as “one of those people” by society.  They learn to feel ashamed.
Starting a few years ago, feminine drag personalities permeated the Japanese talk variety television scene.  Brassy and loud, these people truly stand up and stand out.  

The thing is not everyone has the confidence to do that.  I hope with this project that we are able to shed a little light on some of the people who feel like their sexuality or orientation has locked them away crying alone in a dark prison of their own creation.  

In our latest offering, we want to introduce the minority to the majority as always using entertainment as our sword and shield.  I will direct this film with understanding and an accepting heart.  It’s my hope that you will all come to see that country, skin color, and sexuality are all just trivial ways to categorize mankind.  It’s time to throw that divisive feeling into the trash where it belongs.

We hope to complete this piece by early fall.

This time around I want to leave you with a poem from a famous Japanese poet named Kaneko Misuzu.  I’ll let her words do the work and give my fingers a short rest.


A Little Bird, a Bell, and Me
Even though I open my arms wide,   
I still can't fly the sky at all.  
But a little bird who can fly,   
Can't run on the ground as fast as me.
Even though I shake my body,   
I still can't make a sound as beautiful as a bell,.  
But that ringing bell   
Doesn't know as many songs as me.
A bell, a little bird, and me,   
We're all different and all wonderful.


Tokyo Cowboys







〝同性愛〟 ノンケの僕が挑むには大層難しいテーマであるが、 TOKYO COWBOYSは国境のみならずセクシャリティまでも乗り越えて行こうと、 今回あえてデリケートな部分に踏み込んだ。




〝それ〟を隠している者がいる事。 彼ら彼女らが悩む理由を生んでいるのは、 世間の目が未だ〝そういう人〟に否定的な面を持っているからだ。

昨今〝オネエ〟という言葉が浸透し、 テレビでもてはやされている。 社交性もあり、メンタルの強い彼らは輝いている。

ただそれが出来ない多くの悩みを抱えた人達がいる事を、 少しでも届けたい。


今回の僕らの作品は、 マイノリティを描きマジョリティに考えてもらう映画。





『 わたしと小鳥とすずと 』




友利 翼


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