A rainy night on Waseda Street

July 21, 2016


「 A rainy night on Waseda Street / 雨の早稲田通り 」



Tokyo Cowboys のプロジェクトはクリスから聞いていて、「いつか俺も混ぜてよ」と軽口を叩いていたところ本当にクリスが誘ってくれました。



























Thanks to my friend and Tokyo Cowboys producer Chris, I am participating as an actor in Tokyo Cowboys Current project "The Actor and the Model."  

I had heard about Tokyo Cowboys before from Chris.  He said many times that he wanted me to work with them someday, but I didn't think that day would actually come.

Late one night, I was walking along Waseda Street in Tokyo when he called me.  When he explained to me what the film he wanted me to be in was about, my first thought was:

Can I actually do this?

The theme of this project is alternative lifestyles, and a gay romance.  I have plenty of GLBT friends and co-workers.  I don't have any idea why people would have problems with GLBT and this kind of lifestyle.  So what was my hesitation for?

I'm straight.  I had no ideas about the problems the GLBT community faces, and I wasn't sure that I would properly be able to portray a conflicted gay man in a film.  

I feel like we all should be free to be happy and enjoy our lives as we see fit.  That was my starting point for understanding this character.  To have that taken away from you...

As an actor, it's our job to become other people and to show people stories they might not be able to ordinarily see.  We must do this to the best of our ability.  That is the job of an actor.  To understand and show.  

I'm not sure exactly what exactly makes for a great film, but I did my best during the filming of this short to create, to show, and to express the emotional pain that my character was going through.  

I believe that we created something passionate, moving, and worth watching.  

This story is actually a true story.  It's a story that happened to Chris.  I don't know if he is aware of it or not, but there is always a risk in holding a mirror to society and revealing the truth to everyone.  

In revealing the truth we have to reveal ourselves as well.  

I didn't ask him directly, but I could tell that this story meant something to him. If he was willing to put himself at risk to tell this story then I was going to tell it with him.

It was raining on Waseda Street when the call came from Chris.  At first I thought it was just his normal cheerful voice.  Looking back, and I might be reading too deep into it, there was something different about the way he spoke to me.  I could hear determination in Chris' voice.

"I think that if you join us in making this, it really could be something special."

Since he put it like that, there really was no choice but to give in to him and participate in this film.

As of writing this blog, we have officially finished filming on this project.  I'm very happy that I was invited to be a part of it.  

I hope that a piece of this film lingers on with you in your heart after you watch it.

Mitsuru Ono


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