Kenji's First Time / 磯田の初体験

January 12, 2017

今回tokyo cowboysの新しい映画、uranaiに音声収録のスタッフとして参加させていただきました。映画撮影の現場自体初めての経験で分からないことばかりでしたが、何とも興味深くて珍しいことを体験できたので他のスタッフの方には有難いと感じています。






My name is Kenji, and I am a new member to Tokyo Cowboys.  I came on to record sound for "Fortune Teller" and it was my first time working in this field. I felt so lucky to be a part of this shoot.  Thanks to all involved.

"Fortune Teller" is a short film,and I think it is quite unique.  Chris has a history with fortune telling, and a lot of that shows up in this film.  It gets quite deep!

Japan has its own special fortune telling called on omikuji. I don't pay too much attention to this but I was rather caught up by the explanation of what fortune telling is in the movie.  To explain it simply, what you believe will happen will happen.  It's quite different from Japanese belief!

When we finished filming for the day, I picked up the tarot cards we used on set.  Three times back to back the same card popped out of the deck.  I don't really believe in fortune telling so I was so shocked. I thought the card had a bad meaning, so I was worried!  Chris explained that the cards all had multiple meanings, none all good and none all bad. Thinking broadly, that's life!  Everything has light and everything has darkness.

It was really interesting to learn about the differences between western and eastern fortune telling. I really didn't think of fortune telling as much more than a toy, but in truth there is a history and philosophy to it.  I feel really grateful to the staff for letting me be a part of this project.  

Chris' friend 


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