Producer - Chris McCombs《クリス・マッコームス》






"Taking risks. To forge ahead even when there isn't a road. Working hard. Not giving up. This is the American Cowboy spirit we want to infuse with the Japanese sense of teamwork and sophistication to create new and exciting ways to tell beloved and classic stories.

I hope you'll come with us on this adventure.

Co-Producer - Kristi Woodward


3年前より日本で子供のための学習エンターテインメントの仕事に携わる。南ネバダ大学で3つの資格を取得。「今まで学んできたことを、TOKYO COWBOYS の中で発揮して、力になれれば幸いです」


Kristi has been working in Japan for over 3 years focusing on Educational Entertainment for Children. She has 3 degrees from College of Southern Nevada and a love for learning new things. "I hope to share what I know with the Tokyo Cowboys team and help out wherever I can."

Executive Producer - Jeff Cisneros


Jeff Cisneros is an alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in Los Angeles and has worked on both stage and screen. Jeff has held down the post of Executive Producer at Tokyo Cowboys for over three years, six films and assists Producers Christopher McCombs and Kristi Woodward in the creative and administrative operation. In addition to being Executive Producer, Jeff recently appeared in The Wheel as the Narrator of "The Twins" (starring Bob Werley and Stefanie Joosten) in addition to being the Director of the same episode.

Production Manager - Mutsumi Takahashi


茨城県水戸市出身。 1992年「有限会社フリー・ウエイブ」を設立し、現在、登録者数約2500名を抱える外国人モデル・タレント事務所「株式会社フリー・ウエイブ」(2003年に組織名を変更)の代表取締役を務める。 20018年、Tokyo Cowboysの将来性を見込みマネージメントとしてチームに携わる。業界での長年の経験を活かし、Tokyo Cowboys にも新しい波を起こさせるようにサポートをしていきたい。

Illustration - Caterina Rocchi


「よこはまマンガ教室」で漫画について学び、現在は Lucca Manga School にて漫画を教えている。イタリア共和国トスカーナ州ルッカ出身。


From Italy (Lucca in Tuscany), Caterina is currently teaching how to illustrate and create manga at the Lucca Manga School in Italy.  She herself continues to study at The Yokohama Manga School. 


Promotion Advisor - Alex Hormigo




Alex Hormigo is a Mexican actor, he began his acting career at age 14 in 2001, moving at first into musical theater with the play "Grease", later he began his studies in several workshops and courses complementing it with his experience on theater. He has worked in several plays, cinema and television. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences, he worked for more than four years for the Mexican Film Institute as Liaison of International Events and Film Projects, supporting the promotion of diverse films in International Film Festivals.


Still Camera, Web Design - Tomo Murata




"Fly to higher sky on your creative wings."  These are words that have always stayed with me from my former teacher. Tomo currently works freelance in web design and photography.  Tomo learned web designing through self discovery and self study. 



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