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Toilet Seat themed Japanese Comedy Series Becomes a Toilet Themed Free to Play Retro RPG!

The hit Japanese television series The Benza and its spin off series Benza English’s comedic adventures continue in the retro gaming experience The Benza RPG!

The player is in control of Chris and Kyle as they try to free Higashi Nakano from Inko Sensei’s nefarious shadow magic. Will they be able to save everyone from her retro RPG curse? What happens on this adventure is completely in your hands!

Featuring nostalgic graphics mixed with modern effects, voice acting from the cast in battles, and a diverse soundtrack ranging from chip tunes to hip hop, The Benza RPG is truly an original free-to-play RPG experience you won’t want to miss!

The Benza RPG is free to play and is currently available on iOS, Microsoft Windows and macOS via Steam, and Android devices via the Amazon Appstore.  Initially available in English in over 140 countries, the Japanese version will be available Q1 of 2021!

The Benza RPG Features

  • Version 1 Features 9 playable characters from the television series The Benza

  • Features over 280 lines recorded by the main cast (Christopher McCombs, Kyle Card, Haku Inko, Janni Olsson, Masahito Kawahata, Michiko Noguchi, Lee Min Kuk, Hannah Grace, Hunter Alexander)

  • Explore a virtual Higashi Nakano and meet your favorite characters from the show

  • 29 original songs from artists Takahiro Nomiya(The Benza Theme Song, Step Forward Again), Marcus L Spade Johnson, and Yonamine Akinori

  • Features 6 songs performed by the main cast

  • Original artwork provided by The Benza director Raito Nishizaka, Aver Hamilton II (Benza English “Hamilton”) Italian manga artist Caterina Rocchi, and French artist Iris Benoit

  • Combat features an on screen turn counter so you will always know who is going to attack when. This system is friendly to non-gamers to pick up and deep enough to appeal to veteran players alike.

  • Swap characters in combat on the fly and customize your team to suit any situation

  • Over 160 pages of original dialog and story by series creator Christopher McCombs

The Benza (currently streaming in over 130 countries via Amazon Prime Video) is a just-for-laugh romp through modern Tokyo as two foreigners, Chris and Kyle, attempt to repair their broken toilet seat and wind up in the middle of an adventure to save the world from the vile villainess Inko Sensei.

Producer and writer Christopher McCombs wanted to create a comedy about life in Tokyo that foreigners and Japanese could laugh at together and not feel like one or the other was being laughed at. Series 2 is currently in preproduction.

Benza English (currently streaming in over 70 countries via Amazon Prime Video) is a more focused look about Japanese entertainment and how Japanese and foreigners alike are portrayed in it.

Though the English taught in “Benza English” is correct, it certainly cannot be found in any textbook that we know of and makes sure its lessons are taught with laughter.

Benza English Series One is currently shooting its last two episodes.

About The Benza and Benza English


Comments from the Cast/Staff

Christopher McCombs

(Producer, Writer, Actor “Chris”)


We realized while making series one in 2018 that The Benza and its world were perfect to turn into a video game. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to finally see The Benza RPG come to life and that it’s FREE to download. Right now, more than ever, there are people in the world desperate for entertainment, escapism, and a few laughs. I really hope that you will join us on our wacky, crazy adventure and forget about what ever is troubling you for a while!

Guilherme Martins

(Lead Developer)


Being a part of The Benza RPG and The Benza has been one of the most enjoyable things I have done. That is not to say it hasn’t been hard work, but when you are asked to change something to make it silly, for example, you find yourself programming the animation of a glittering purple stomping heel attacking a monster. You cannot help but fall in love with the people on this team as well the brand itself. I hope in this profoundly serious time we all find out selves in that if we can laugh and smile just a little. Then all this hard work was all worth it.

Kyle Card

(Actor “Kyle”)


I am more than thrilled to be able to share this fun- packed labor of love with the world. This game expands the world and reach of The Benza more than I ever thought possible. On a personal level, if you told my game-loving 10-year-old self that in 2020 he would be a main protagonist in a classic-style RPG...well, he might have died of excitement. I sincerely hope our quirky world resonates with players all over the world and that they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Haku Inko

(Actress “Inko Sensei”)


Just like the television show, making The Benza has been full of surprises. Being screened at MCM London Comic Con and being available in over 130 countries have been highlights, but the biggest surprise of all was becoming a video game character in The Benza RPG. I love portraying Inko Sensei in The Benza, and I love the way her character plays in the game. For fans of the series it really will feel like a dream come true. For people who are new to the series, I hope you will find something in this game to love as well.

The Benza RPG Overview

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