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Aichaku Main Cast and Staff Making Of
Aichaku Making of 1
Aichaku Making of 2
Aichaku Making of 3


Raito Nishizaka

Michael Williams


Assistant Director

Takahiro Toita

Takeshi Spada

Eli Morris


Executive Producer

Max Emerson



Christopher McCombs

Haku Inko


Associate Producer

Masahito Kawahata

Janni Olsson


Creative Consultant

Mutsumi Takahashi

Sound Director

Takahiro Nomiya

Still Photography

Yukito Komine

Graphic Artist

Thomas Clue

Japanese Translation

Masahito Kawahata



English Subtitles

Christopher McCombs

Jeff Cisneros

Heather Payer-Smith

Eda Sterner


French Advisor

Iris Siri


Lead Hair and Make up Artist

Hanako Ishii

Hair and Make up Artist
Chisato Takebe
Kazumi Nanbu
Junko Ichijyo
Maki Takatori

Aichaku Raito Nishizaka

Raito Nishizaka

Raito Nishizaka was born in 1985 in Fukushima, Japan. He studied film at Nikkatsu Visual Arts Academy. While studying he began working on a short film called "Like Back Then" that was an official selection for the West Tokyo Film Festival. Raito currently works freelance for several Japanese film and television productions while making "The Benza".

1985年生まれ。福島県出身。少年期の一時期を児童養護施設で過ごす。 日活芸術学院演出コースに在籍中、自身が監督する短編映画「あの頃のように」が西東 京映画祭優秀賞を受賞。日本映画の特撮美術、TVシリーズの特撮美術スタッフを経てフ リーの絵本作家、映像作家に。

Aichaku Michael Williams

Michael Williams
Director, Video Editor

Michael Williams was born in 1990 in England. He studied film at Birmingham City University. He moved to Japan in 2015. During his time in Japan, he has worked on multiple short film and TV projects, including “One Step” and “I Just Wanted to See You”. Both of which went on to receive multiple festival screenings and award wins.

1990年にイギリスで生まれる。マイケルは映画制作をバーミンガムシティ大学で学んだ後、2015年に来日。日本では映画監督としてこれまで多くのショート映画やミュージックビデオやテレビ企画に携わってきた。代表作の「One Step」と「The Benza」は数々の映画祭での上映や賞を受賞している。

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