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Christopher McCombs

Christopher McCombs has been writing for Tokyo Cowboys since its conception. His writing work includes "Nopperabou," "Till Death," "Jikininki," "Fortune Teller," and "The Actor and the Model." He hopes to keep writing for Tokyo Cowboys and working with his friends to create new and interesting types of entertainment.

Tokyo Cowboysの始まりからクリス・マっこームスは脚本を全部書いています。今まで書いたのは”Nopperabou" ”Till Death" "Jikininki" "The Actor and the Model"など。これからもTokyo Cowboysのキャストとスタッフのためにいいシナリオを沢山書きたいと思っています!

Caterina Rocchi

Caterina Rocchi is the founder of Lucca Manga School, at 14 she began studying Japanese and at 15 she started spending her summer break in Japan, attending lessons of some Japanese manga schools including Yokohama Manga School. She founded Lucca Manga School at 17, first bringing Japanese artists to Italy to teach, then stepping in at 19. She works between Italy and Japan, linking the two countries through various collaborations, like the gourmet report collaboration in 2015 with Mochizuki Mikiya for the online column Ippin Zeppin. In 2016 she participated to the 43rd edition of Angouléme festival, painting a 2x5 meters canvas during the four days of the festival, a collaborative performance with Tamura Yoshiyasu who painted a 2x7 meters canvas. In the same year she worked as an assistant for the mangaka Tanabe Setsuo, and brought the mangaka Kouga Yun to Italy to attend the world’s second biggest convention, Lucca Comics and Games.

漫画家、ルッカマンガスクール創業者。14歳で日本語を学び始め、15歳から夏期休暇を日本で過ごし、日本のマンガ学校に通いはじめる。横浜マンガ教室に繰り返し通ううち、イタリア建築についての特別授業などを担当するようになる。17歳のとき、ルッカマンガスクールを創設し、日本人の漫画家を指導者としてイタリアに招きはじめる。それから数年間で、基本的な技術からはじまり、様々なニーズに答えるレッスンを揃え、2016年には延べ200人以上の学生が学ぶようになった。イタリアと日本両国で、様々なコラボレーションを通じて仕事を行っている。2015年には、望月三起也のオンラインコラム「一品絶品」で、グルメレポートマンガを担当した。2016年にはフランス、アングレーム国際漫画祭に参加し、アーティストの田村吉康とともに、メインパビリオンの一つLa Citéエントランスの壁画を4日間で制作した(カテリーナ2x5m、田村2x7m)。同じ年、田辺節雄のアシスタントを経験。また、高河ゆんを、世界第2位の規模をもつ「ルッカコミックス&ゲームス」に招待した。2017年には、日本人の編集者をイタリアに招き、イタリア人漫画家へのレビューを行う。

Namiko Hirose

Namiko hated studying English from elementary school until high school. She began studying English with a passion starting in 2005 when she realized what an important communication tool it was. She currently works for a globally minded company and uses English everyday. Translating scripts for Tokyo Cowboys is a hobby that helps keep English learning interesting. She also enjoys combat and survival sports as well as watching movies.


"The beginnings of a normal love story" is what it feels like when you see the first story of our manga, butt he truth is there is nothing normal about the journey this love story will take at all. Between the manga and the movie it is my hope that the audience will be left with the question "What is normal?"




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