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Director of Photography :  Yasuhiro Watanabe


Assistant Director :  Kenji Isoda, Stephanie Chagin


Still Photography :  Caterina Rocchi, Stephanie Chagin


Executive Producer :  Jeff Cisneros


Producer :  Christopher McCombs, Kristi Woodward


Assistant Producer :  Joe Simurdiak


Hair and Make Up :  Atsuto Shiokawa, Tama


Location Manager :  Karen Callahan


Promotion Adviser :  Alex Hormigo


Website Design :  Tomo Murata


Poster Logo Design :  Chun


Tokyo Cowboys Logo Design :  Caterina Rocchi


Wardrobe Provided By :  Jack Rose


Music :


The Path of the Goblin King

By Kevin Macleod


Brittle Rille

By Kevin Macleod



Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey


Spiritual Meditation

Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey



Story by :  Christopher McCombs


Directed by :  Raito Nishizaka

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