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tokyo cowboys

STORY 1 - The Broken Hearted

A young woman boards the Ferris wheel accompanied only by a giant stuffed bear she found while waiting for her boyfriend who never showed. Broken hearted and alone, she is left only with her thoughts about being stood up and how to move forward for a sixteen-minute ride around “The Wheel.






Directed by Christopher McCombs
Filmed by Raito Nishizaka
Edited by Christopher McCombs, Raito Nishizaka
Sound editing by Takahiro Nomiya, Chiaki Kawahito
Story by Christopher McCombs



Camilla Ståhl

Camilla Ståhl was born in the Swedish archipelago. She began acting lessons from a young age and has been modeling from the age of 12. Looking for adventure and warmer climate she moved to Tokyo at the age of 19 where she pursued her modeling and acting career full time. She has worked for various clothing brands, television commercials, magazines, music videos including Gackt and Yamashita Tomohisa, regular on the tv drama 日本人の知らない日本語 and other various tv shows. Camilla also appeared in the 2014 movie ジャッジ! Her future dream is to do more movies, both in Japan and abroad. Camilla is represented by Freewave Entertainment.

スウェーデン出身。12歳からモデル業を始め、2006年から来日し日本語を学ぶ傍らモデルとしての活動を開始する。2010年日本テレビ連続ドラマ「日本人の知らない日本語」ではエレーン役を演じる。現在は映画、テレビ、CM、MV(Gackt and Yamashita Tomohisa)、カタログモデル、俳優として様々な現場で精力的に活動中。最近では2014年公開映画「ジャッジ!」に出演。株式会社フリー・ウェーブ専属モデルとして、意欲的に活動している。

jean-françois raynaud

Jean-François Raynaud is extremely proud to be joining the Wheel project which marks his first participation with Tokyo Cowboys. A native of France, Jean-François spent two years in Japan, where he studied Film Aesthetics and Japanese language. In 2009, he made Montreal (Canada) home and decided to dedicate his life to acting in 2013. Back in Japan since last October through a working holiday visa, he recently starred as principal in a japanese theatre company historical play and continues to strive for professional development in the performing arts through theatrical and film work.

Orlane Discolle

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