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STORY 3 - The Sister

A very close brother and a sister take a ride on a Ferris wheel they used to ride together often in their childhood. The sister has long been keeping a secret from her brother, and decides it's time to come out.


Directed by Raito Nishizaka
Filmed by Yasuhiro Watanabe
Edited by Raito Nishizaka
Story by Christopher McCombs


Haku Inko

Haku hails from Shizuoka in Japan is began working as a swimsuit model and idol from the age of 30. She currently works as an actress, prowrestler, comedian, and live entertainer. It is her dream to continue pushing herself as an actress and appearing in many different genres and mediums.


Naoya Gomoto

Naoya is from Osaka in Japan and made his stage debut in the anime turned play "Prince of Tennis." Since then, he has appeared in several stage versions of anime/manga such as "Fairytale" and "Bleach." Naoya continues to work in stage while appearing in several Japanese television shows and movies.


大阪府出身。O型。2003年ミュージカル『テニスの王子様』(海堂薫 役)で本格デビュー。以降、数々の作品に主要な役所で出演。主な出演作は、<舞台>ROCK MUSICAL『BLEACH』(檜佐木修兵 役)、『弱虫ペダル』(金城真護 役)、ミュージカル『薄桜鬼』(天霧九寿 役)、『フェアリーテイル』(ゼロ/ブレイン 役)、ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』〜幕末天狼傳〜(近藤勇 役)<ドラマ>『メサイア-影青ノ章-』(神北竜二 役)、『弱虫ペダル』(金城真護 役)<映画>『女子の事件は大抵、トイレで起こるのだ。』(松井先生 役)、『阿修羅少女BLOOD-C異聞』他多数。

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