Krist - Connections

Hello everyone! It's me Kristi, Tokyo Cowboy's accountant and one liner extra! You may have seen me in the after credits segment and opening of "Bill and Betty." Make sure too look for me again in Nopperabou! Actually there will be a few connections between the two films. I wonder if you can spot them all? I'll give you a hint, will you be able to find the Bill and Betty poster in Nopperabou? Keep your eyes and ears open everyone! Working with the Tokyo Cowboy's crew has been really fun. Seeing everyone giving their all to make a great film is really what this project is all about. I really had no idea how much effort went into making a short film but seeing it first hand is an amazing e

Chris - Good teachers

Hello everyone! Chris here. Studying a foreign language is very difficult. Japanese is one of the most difficult! There are three different alphabets, formal speech, polite speech, casual speech, and many large speaking cultural differences. It’s quite an undertaking! People often ask me for advice on studying. There is one secret to learning a language and I will share it with you all now: Find an amazing teacher. I have been so lucky to have some amazing Japanese teachers. Each one has been very special and amazing, but I want to focus on three in this blog. Kawamoto Sensei was only formally my teacher for a short period, but she left a very lasting impression. She and her team wrote

Camilla - 2nd day of Filming / 撮影二日目

Hello everyone and thank you dear supporters of Tokyo Cowboys and Nopperabou! Yesterday we had our 2nd day of filming for Nopperabou. It's really amazing to see the pieces being put together. Tokyo Cowboys was born from an idea by Chris and me and suddenly it escalated to something big with all these amazing people involved, everyone filling an important part and I'm overwhelmed! Yesterdays's filming felt really great. Lots and lots of emotion!! Now to the picture, I was really surprised by my own angry face! Is it my character Deni being upset with Brian? Or did I, Camilla, actually got into a fight with our producer/actor Chris yesterday? I guess you won't know until you see the movie so l

Kyle - Start filming / クランクイン

Hey everyone! This is Kyle and I'm playing Dave in our upcoming flick "Nopperabo"! We are currently in our way to record the first few scenes of the film! So excited to finally set this thing off! I'm a little nervous but I'm confident we will make a great film! Stay tuned to this blog for more production updates and behind the scenes info! 皆さんこんにちは!ショートフィルム 「NOPPERABO」でデイブを演じてるカイルで〜す!私たちTokyo Cowboysは今からフィルムの最初のシーンを撮影しに行きます!やっと始まってワクワクしています!ちょっと緊張してるけど、必ず面白い作品を作り上 げると思っています!これからもこのブログで撮影のアップデートや裏情報をアップしますので、ちょくちょくチェックしてね!

Tomori - Member Roll Call 1 / メンバーのこと 1

At last the first day of filming has come! Looks like our private lives are going to be out on hold for awhile. I don't know if you know this about Tokyo Cowboys or not, but all of our team works with out payment. This is a project made out of love for entertainment, not money. As a result we all have other jobs in the industry to keep the bills paid. I work full time as a director. My main focus has been music and event videos, but within those two areas I touch on a lot of different genres. Producer and actor Chris works as a model and actor as well as working as a MC at events where Japanese and English are both needed. Our director of photography Miki works primarily as a still p

Kintaro - Final Fitting / ファイナル・フィッティング

Hello and nice to meet all of you. My name is Kintaro Aoyama and I am an actor and part of the main cast in "Nopperabou." I think you have already gotten the idea from the other blog posts, but we are well on our way with the preparations for the first shoot of "Nopperabou." The other day we had our final clothing fitting with a brand Chris introduced. Jack Rose is an awesome brand. They were so happy to support us that they waived their normal lease fee! They even asked us for our autographs and took pictures to use for promotion within their own web site. Then they gave us free t-shirts. It is amazing to have so much support. I want to introduce another member of our staff. Yuka is

Chris - Legend of Dave (Kyle) / Dave(Kyle)の伝説

Kyle Card is bad ass. I officially met him after an audition. Some ignorant model came up to me and said that he, "hated working with all these gays." Just as I was about to rip him a new one, Kyle was on it. He totally let him have it! That was the start of our friendship. I explained some things to him about modeling to help him get moving on his modeling career. He introduced some television producers to me to help me with my television career. We did the same show together, "Goji Ni Muchuu," for a year. Kyle's character in "Nopperabou" is Dave. Dave is based on another bad ass friend of mine that I met in middle school. I had just moved into a new school and didn't have any friends. Da

Miki - Making a character / 役作り

Hi everyone! It’s Miki the cameraman! Today we had a hair make rehearsal at my studio! We have had a meeting early this week.and we’ve been talking about the details, like every characters, how the story ends, what kind of lightings we will use, and location etc… Those are really important for Hair make up artist. also Hair make up artists are really important for us at the scene. I always happy to work with them, and I appreciate them every time after the shoot. We were relaxed and were in good mood during the rehearsal. We will start filming next weekend!!! We all are doing our best and preparing everyday. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see our new film☆ Miki Yamato Director of Photograph

Tomori - Brushing Up / 日々勉強

Hello everyone, and nice to meet you. My name is Tomori, and I’ll be directing “Nopperabou.” It looks like after just a few more heart beats crowd funding will have come and gone. I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is to have had so many people show their love and support us. To everyone who took the time to participate- you have my deep gratitude and thanks. Well! The first day is fast approaching and I find myself busy with scheduling and adjusting the shooting script to the locations. The days are slipping by. It’s hard work, but it is work with meaning! I’ll tell you a secret about me- I don’t like horror movies very much. I’ve tried watching quite a few and I just can’t get int

Chris - Scary / 怖い

Hello everyone. Chris here. As Nopperabou is rapidly heading towards our first day of shooting, we have locked down our cast and are hitting the script every chance we get. If I have an hour between shoots or auditions, I am on the phone with the cast trying to connect with someone to run lines even if it is in the middle of Starbucks just for 30 minutes. There are a few select scenes in the movie that really stand out to me as "scary." One of the scenes is quite simple. It involves Dave, Kyle Card, and a police officer, Kosuke Imai. No ghosts. No special effects. Just two good actors and an extreme situation. What's the situation? Hehe I'm not telling. Every country has their own de

Chris - Location Report / ロケハン

Hello everybody! Chris here. Things are shaping up quite nicely as we move quickly towards our first day of filming on the 24th of this month. So much goes into production before the first day of filming. Make up tests, lighting tests, equipment check, script rewrites, script read throughs, and so much more! I have been working in entertainment for over 19 years now, but this was my first time working on location hunting with everyone. Instead of showing off Tokyo that everyone knows, we really wanted to head to a more country setting and introduce *traditional Japan* to people who may not have seen it before. We selected the city of Yamanashi for our main filming. Yamanashi is a s

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