Miki - making a poster

「映画ポスター」 こんにちは! Tokyo Cowboys カメラマンの MIKI です! ついに Nopperabou のポスターが完成しました。 おもて面はみなさんもご覧になった事があると思います。ビル&ベティのスクリーニングの時にご紹介させて頂いたものです。 こちらは私のフォトスタジオ、YAMATO STUDIO で撮影しました。 キャストとヘアメイク、特殊メイク、スタイリスト、みんなで集まって作りました。普段はファッション、人物の撮影が多いのですが、今回は映画ポスター。とても楽しみにしていました。 クリスとたくさんの映画ポスターをリサーチし、デザインを決めてから撮影に取りかかりました。 役のキャラクターを表現する。それぞれの個性を映し出す。 色々な課題の中、みんなの専門分野をおおいに生かして作りました。 うら面は撮影現場にて。本編の中で出てくる階段で撮影しました。 こちらはレトロ、クラシックなイメージでスタジオとはまた違ったイメージに仕上げました。 Tokyo Cowboysではいつも新しい経験をさせてもらっています。 ポスター制作もとても楽しかったです。 もう映画が出来上がるのが待ち遠しいです! また近々お知らせ出来ると思います。それまでポスターお楽しみ下さい☆ Director of Photography MIKI Hey everyone! Tokyo Cowboys' cameraman Miki here with another update. I'm so excited because the posters for "No

Chris and Tomo - Thanks to the world

My friend Tomo is in charge of web design and still photography. Tomo is kind of a quiet guy. He doesn't really chase the spotlight and he isn't much for unwarranted attention. Tomo also isn't really one to brag, so allow me to do it on his behalf. A friend of mine who lives in Osaka helped promote our crowd funding event. He owns a bar and he put up posters and signs that explained exactly what crowd funding is and how to participate. He worked very hard and raised quite a bit of money for the Japanese campaign. Tomo took the time to go to Osaka from Tokyo (about a 3 hour travel) just to properly say thank you. For a thank you! I hope Tomo's gesture makes it clear how grateful we are

Chris - painting a picture

Warm fall evenings have turned into cold winter nights. Director Tomori and I have spend many a night trying to stay warm as we edit "Nopperabou" Normally an actor doesn't get to sit with the director and editor while they are putting the movie together. You sit and wait the half a year or so it takes after the movie finishes filming and hope for the best. You see it for the first time after things are well done and finished and have no say in the matter. Editing is a lot like putting a large jigsaw puzzle together where there are extra pieces that aren't necessarily part of the puzzle. It's really interesting to watch Tomori put the pieces together and cut the pieces that aren't needed.

Camilla - My love for horror movies

When Chris told me he wanted to make a horror movie I was very happy! Because I love horror movies! I love especially watching them when I'm home alone. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. A lot of horror movies don't scare me, I guess I'm just too used to it, but when I do find one that does, I'm so happy about it! A movie I saw recently that really scared me was 'The Conjuring'. Before watching it I didn't know any of it's background story, but while watching it it all felt really real. After watching it I could almost feel evil spirits coming closer and I had to do a spiritual cleansing to feel safe again. After that I was searching through the Internet and I found ou

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