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When I began writing "Till Death," I had always pictured it opening with a song. I wanted Death (the amazing Cynthia Cheston) to let Amy (the beautiful powerhouse Camilla Stahl)and the audience know who was in charge. We dropped it for several reasons. We were worried about run time, Cynthia wasn't quite up to singing at the time, and I was pretty beat. I think it goes without saying, but writing a musical was a huge undertaking. The script alone took about six months to get down, plus another three months to record the music. Filming took about another 3 months on and off. Don't get me started on the editing process! By the time we were finished with all of that I was ready for it

"Till Death" Web Series Announcement

I don't have a lot of faith in web entertainment. Not yet at least. Here in Japan there are a lot of people famous for being Youtubers. It's certainly entertainment and to a degree acting (I hope) but it is not for me. It's far too personal and rediculous. When I'm performing you'll know it is me by how not me it is and when I have something personal to say I'll call you. The term "web series" is also a bit confusing to me. I've seen some intereting shows that stop after only a few episodes. Is that a series? I've also seen some really terrible shows that go on and on but it looks like no ones watching. Who are these shows being made for? Where does the profit come from?

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