OutReels Cincinnati Report

When most people in the United States think of Cincinnati, Ohio, they do not generally think of it as a hotbed of independent cinema. They would be wrong. Cincinnati has a vibrant Film Society and the state of Ohio maintains a very strong film office that attracts twenty or more major US motion picture projects per year. These are some of the things I learned while attending OutReels. The film lineup for OutReels attracted a wide variety of films in the short and feature length categories. I will say the feature length films were all of fantastic quality, since The Actor and the Model was not in this category, I have to say this was a strong and well balanced lineup ranging from 78 to 98 min

Forest Movie Festival 2016 / 夜空と交差する森の映画祭2016

The other day the Tokyo Cowboys team headed off to Yamanashi for a screening of Jikininki at an outdoor film festival. The whole gang piled into a rental car and off we went. Actor Chris, Kintaro and I were joined by Krusti and Chun. It was so much fun! When we arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful the entrance was! The film was screened on a huge screen outside and the sound was surprisingly good for it being in the middle of the woods. Watching the film with 200 people was a real thrill. I was so happy about how everyone reacted to the film when it finished. Everyone burst out talking! It was great. Love it or hate it, if you have something to say about our work it means

Surest thing / ビルアンドベティの伝説

Two years ago Miki, Camilla and I met to talk about doing a short film together. Shortly after Kintaro, Tomori, and I had a coffee to discuss them coming on board the project. We weren't sure what would happen, but a team was born. With in a month we were on set and filming "Sure Thing." We used this film to show people what we could do as a team and to secure funding for our next project "Nopperabou." Though we made this for just $500.00, I am very very proud of what we did. Since we will no longer be screening this film publicly, I am very happy to announce that we will upload the film in full to our homepage for your viewing pleasure. When we were making this film, I had a f

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