Miki - Premier event

「プレミア試写会」 こんにちは皆さん! Tokyo Cowboys カメラマンのミキです! 今日もお知らせです☆ 2/3 に中野ゼロホールで、関係者の方々を招いたのっぺらぼう試写会をします。 今回、のっぺらぼうを撮影するにあたり、沢山の方にお世話になりました。また、クラウドファンディングに参加してくださった方々に完成した映画をお見せするチャンスです。 それに加え、先着でのお席を、10席ご用意しております!☆ ( 1名様につき、2席までご予約頂けます ) 試写会ご希望の方は、こちらまで ↓ tokyocowboys@hotmail.com Tokyo Cowboys' cameraman Miki here with Big News!!! On February 2nd we will have a special premier event of "Nopperabou" at Nakano Zero. So many people helped us while we were making this film. We are very eager to say thank you to everyone! Especially to the people who helped with crowd funding. We couldn't have done it with out you. Hey everybody! We have regular viewing dates on the way but we are so excited

Miki - "Oshare English"

「オシャレ English」 こんにちは皆さん! Tokyo Cowboys カメラマンのミキです! 今日はお知らせです☆ Tokyo Cowboys の YouTube チャンネルで、英会話ビデオを始めました! その名も「オシャレEnglish」!! モデルのクリスが約1分の動画で、気になる言い回しやことわざをエピソードに合わせて説明します。 英語が学びたい方も、モデルの日常を覗き見したい方も ♡ 是非チェックしてみて下さい! 「オシャレ English」ホームページ http://www.tokyo-cowboys.com/#!english-lesson/cuo8 Miki カメラマン Hey everybody! Tokyo Cowboys' cameraman Miki here with another announcement. This time I want to introduce you to one of Tokyo Cowboys' side projects. "Oshare English" ("Oshare" means "stylish" in Japanese.) is an English learning series. Model Chris introduces an English phrase or saying via a story related to his job. If you are interested in English or just want to hear some behi

Jen - Cooking for Nopperabou

I need to feed HOW MANY people? So, it’s been a while since we had our film recording, and I must say... to have worked with such a dedicated crew can be exhausting. We had a lot of work to do in just three days and of course with so much to get done, everyone gets hungry; this is where I came in. I was appointed the head catering chef during our stay for the recording and for 15 people, three meals a day for three days amounts to A LOT of food and cooking prep. I’ve made large meals for large groups of people before, but this was probably my first time doing so much cooking three times a day. Collecting all the ingredients (allergy-free), and finding dishes to cook for so many people th

Chris - Subtitles

Hey everybody! Chris here. Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday break. I spent most of the holidays meeting with people about "Nopperabou" and getting ready for our next step! For the moment, we have so many different things to get ready for. Film festival submissions. Local showings in Tokyo. Crowd funding returns. Finalizing editing. Then there is the next film to be thinking about! It's exciting but a little overwhelming. I am glad I have such a great team around me to help. Were you able to catch the first sneak peek of "Nopperabou?" We put it up on Facebook and our home page, but if you have missed it check it out at the link below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R

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