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Jen - Cooking for Nopperabou

I need to feed HOW MANY people? So, it’s been a while since we had our film recording, and I must say... to have worked with such a dedicated crew can be exhausting. We had a lot of work to do in just three days and of course with so much to get done, everyone gets hungry; this is where I came in. I was appointed the head catering chef during our stay for the recording and for 15 people, three meals a day for three days amounts to A LOT of food and cooking prep. I’ve made large meals for large groups of people before, but this was probably my first time doing so much cooking three times a day. Collecting all the ingredients (allergy-free), and finding dishes to cook for so many people that would be ready all at once while using a small kitchen was a challenge! Most of the time I needed to be up before the majority of the crew so I could have breakfast ready, and oftentimes I would find many people wandering into my kitchen for snacks. Many of the crew offered help when I was getting in over my head. Those people who helped me cook over 100 dishes of food, thanks. I got surprised at the amount of people wanting to help, and the kitchen would become overcrowded! It’s hard to focus with too many cooks in the kitchen. At one point we also had filming in the kitchen, so we had to move all the cooking preparations out into the living room! I’m just glad we had such good coordination on this schedule so everything was filmed promptly. Overall this is an experience I would love to have again, and I’m looking forward to our next project!


何人分の料理を?!? のっぺらぼうの撮影がもう2ヶ月前ぐらい終わったのにまだまだ覚えてる。Tokyo cowboysは皆仕事熱心で、山梨でちょっと休めるかなと思ったら仕事ばかりだった!三日間の間、朝から深夜まで休憩なしでずっと撮影してた。皆がやっぱりお腹空いたけど料理作る時間がなかなかなかった。それで皆のために私がご飯を作ったよ! 三日間の間 18人 一日三回。。。 数学が苦手な人でも分かるでしょう!食べ物をたくさん作った!ホームパーティをよくするから何度もご飯作ったことあるけどそんなにお大きいグループは始めてだった!しかも知らないキッチンで一日三回?!皆のダイエットとかアレルギーもあるし。。。凄いチャレンジだった! 朝ごはんを作るために皆の前で起きた!そして作っている間暇なスタッフがいろいろ手伝ってくれた!たまにキッチンはすごく混んでいた!一人でそんなに料理いっぱいするのが大変だったかもしれないけど皆のお陰でうまく行った!本当にありがとうございました! ある日、キッチンの撮影もあった!料理の準備途中なのに一回全部片付けて、撮影が終わってからもう一度最初から作り直した!大変だったよ! 2ヶ月後山梨の撮影について考えたらいい思い出がいっぱいある。次のプロジェクトを楽しみにしてる! Jen

Production Manager


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