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Back to the Studio

When I began writing "Till Death," I had always pictured it opening with a song. I wanted Death (the amazing Cynthia Cheston) to let Amy (the beautiful powerhouse Camilla Stahl)and the audience know who was in charge. We dropped it for several reasons. We were worried about run time, Cynthia wasn't quite up to singing at the time, and I was pretty beat. I think it goes without saying, but writing a musical was a huge undertaking. The script alone took about six months to get down, plus another three months to record the music. Filming took about another 3 months on and off. Don't get me started on the editing process! By the time we were finished with all of that I was ready for it to be done. Then we had the premier. The opening was far too heavy without the musical number. The balance of the film was off. I am still in love with what Camilla and Cynthia did with the scene, but musicals are defined by their music. It was the only major scene in the film without a song and it needed one. When we left the theater and got in the elevator to head to the lobby to greet our guests at the premier Cynthia said to me, "Why didn't I sing?" Here we are a year and a half later. Ladies and gentlemen, Death sings! Being back on the same set with Cynthia in the same costume was like a bizarre dream. Even though a year and a half had passed, nothing had changed. Cythia was as beautiful as ever and she tore through the material! My good friend Mario worked his magic on a gem of a song from the 1800's. He brought something new to the film with his brooding trip-hop take on the song. Cynthia's jazz hinted alto vocals really brought the song together. I'm very proud that we were able to revisit "Till Death" and add another song to the rest of the stunning body of music Laurier and Hirotake helped create. There are a few other additions and surprises through out the series and I hope those of you who saw the original film enjoy finding them as much as we enjoyed making them. Chris Producer Christopher

「 Back to the Studio / スタジオに戻ろう 」 "Till Death"は6人の話なんだけど死神とAmyの旅は話のきっかけ。それで死神が映画の最初から歌ったらいいなと思ったけど結局死神の曲をやめた。 曲を作るのが大体3ヶ月かかるし、撮影が始まる前死神役のシンシアが捻挫したし。。。 もう一つの問題があった:私がちょっと疲れてきた。脚本を書くのが6ヵ月ぐらいかかた。その後宣伝の撮影、曲の録音、曲のミックス。。。ミックスが終わってからやっと動画の撮影が始まった!次は編集だった。。。編集してる間、やっぱり死神が歌ったほうがいいなとまた思ったけどもうエネルギーがなかった! そして試写会で100人と一緒に”Till Death"を見た。見てからシンシアとエレベーターに乗って、シンシアが私に”歌ったらよかったのにね。”と言ってた。w 一年半後、”Till Death"をウエブシリーズに変更するチャンスがあって、シンシアと友利監督と同じ病院のスタジオに戻った。不思議だったよ!スタジオ内が何も変わらないで、ヘアメイクAsukaさんのおかげでシンシアがまた死神になった。全部が一年半前とまったく一緒だった! ただ今回死神が歌ったよ! Marioと言うアメリカ人の友達が死神が歌う”Death's Cold Icy Hands"をプロデュースしてくれた。ファンキーで暗くて、ちょっと変わってる曲なんだけど死神にぴったり。シンシアはアルト歌手で歌声が低くて、びっくりすると思う。 ウエブシリーズになる前、他のシーンもちょっと変わるからもう”Till Death"見たことがあっても、ウエブシリーズの形で絶対また見てね! まだ見ていない方がいれば、是非ごらんになってください! クリス Tokyo Cowboys Producer

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