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Miki - Premier event

「プレミア試写会」 こんにちは皆さん!

Tokyo Cowboys カメラマンのミキです!

今日もお知らせです☆ 2/3 に中野ゼロホールで、関係者の方々を招いたのっぺらぼう試写会をします。



( 1名様につき、2席までご予約頂けます )


Tokyo Cowboys' cameraman Miki here with Big News!!! On February 2nd we will have a special premier event of "Nopperabou" at Nakano Zero. So many people helped us while we were making this film. We are very eager to say thank you to everyone! Especially to the people who helped with crowd funding. We couldn't have done it with out you. Hey everybody! We have regular viewing dates on the way but we are so excited to show "Nopperabou" to all of you that we are going to invite 5 special guests to join us at the premier. (You can bring a friend with you of course.). Hit us up at the mail below for your chance to join us for the premier event! Hope to hear from you!!! Miki Cameraman Producer


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