Ending/New Beginning / 終わりは始まり

Welcome to the last shoot of 2016! Hello and nice to finally meet you all. My name is Raito, and I am the director of Tokyo Cowboys’ newest short film “Fortune Teller.” Up until now I have worked as an assistant director under Tomori, but finally I have a chance to take the wheel and show everyone what I’ve got. When Chris called me and asked me if I would be up for the challenge, I was thrilled. The story of “Fortune Teller” is simple, but quite deep. I thought that the story was really amazing considering the short length of the script. This time we have a cast of just two people and a staff of ten. Even though we were out in the freezing year end cold, we really made this s

Risa Frames In / 亀田梨紗からの紹介

Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Risa Kameda. Please call me Risa. I am so so so happy to say that I will be appearing in Tokyo Cowboys' next film. I met Chris through a play that we did together in 2016. It was a live version of the anime "Fairytail." We rehearsed the show together in Tokyo and then I played the villain in the Shanghai production. We really got to know each other during those three months of hard work! Chris had some trouble getting used to the Japanese way of doing theater, but he always kept his chin up and always stayed positive. One day he said to me, "You've taken such good care of me. I'll write you something one day." I couldn't believe it when t

Growing Together / ひろがる、繋がる

2016年も間もなく終わりですね。 「師走」とはよく言ったモノで、僕らTOKYO COWBOYSもありがたい事に、 忙しくさせてもらっています。 今年も色々な挑戦をしましたが、 特に印象深いのが ”The Actor and the Model” という映画を撮った事。 もちろん作品ひとつひとつに強い思い入れがありますが、 この映画は今までとは少し毛色が違うものでした。 同性愛を描いた本作は、 報われない悲恋です。 遠い世界の出来事ではなく、 皆さんの隣で起きている物語です。 カミングアウト出来ず、 心にフタをしてしまっている人がいる事を、 この映画を通して少しでも多くの方に気づいてほしい。 ありがたい事に、 活動を支援して頂ける事も増えてきました。 地道に真摯に、映画を創って来てよかったと、 見つけてくれる人はいるんだと、 日々感謝しながらこれからも挑戦していきます。 来年は少し長めの映画を撮ろうと思っています。 どんな一年になるのか、 今からワクワクしています。 それではまた、 劇場でお会いしましょう。 TOKYO COWBOYS 監督 友利 翼 It looks as if we have come to the end of another year! 2016 is coming to a close. December is a busy month for all of us, including Tokyo Cowboys! So many things happened this year that I am pr

The Next Step / 次の一歩

2016 came and went in a flash. I feel like just yesterday we were having our first meetings about Jikininki and now I’m having three or four meetings a day about the several projects that all start at the beginning of 2017. I’m very proud of the work we did this year. “The Actor and the Model” was our first attempt at a serious film and it is doing very well at film festivals. “Jikininki” was a blast to make and still has quite a lot of life left in it. Thanks to these two films we were able to gain a lot of new fans and our family grew. Even “Till Death” picked up a few new film festivals this year! As always I am so grateful to everyone that comes to our events and everyone that is a regul

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