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New Treasure

「 新たな“宝物” 」

TOKYO COWBOYSの作品をご存知の皆様。 はじめましての皆様。 世界中の皆様。 おはようございます。こんにちは。こんばんは。 日本の俳優、今井孝祐です。 『NOPPERABOU』では警察官役。 『Till Death』ではKoji役をやらせていただきました。 先日、オハイオ州で開催された The Indie Gathering映画祭にて『Till Death』が優秀賞受賞とのニュースが届きました。 ペンシルベニア州の映画祭でのベストコメディ賞に続き2つ目の受賞。 『NOPPERABOU』も様々な映画祭で上映され、いくつもの賞を受賞し、とても光栄です。 更に多くの方が観てくれるきっかけになる事が幸せです。 TOKYO COWBOYSの撮影現場は、 様々な国のスタッフと俳優が入り混じっていて、とても面白いです。 でも結局、喜怒哀楽の感情は世界共通でした。 そこに国の違いはない。 あるのは個人の個性だけ。 個性は違うのが当たり前。 何万キロも途方もないほど離れた土地で生きていた者同士が出逢い、 そして共に感じて、共に行動して、ひとつの作品の完成を目指す。 天文学的確率は、まさに奇跡。 そこで完成した作品は、この上なく大切な、“宝物”です。 さて、上記2作品に続き、 3作品目の出演となります。 新作『Actor and Model 』 今回の私の役は…テレビ番組のMC役! また新たな“宝物”を多くの皆様と共有したいです。 どうぞご期待下さい。 今井孝祐

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! To everyone who is familiar with our work! To everyone who is checking in for the first time. To everyone around the world. I'm Kosuke Imai, and I am an actor from Japan. In "Nopperabou" I played a dubious cop. In "Till Death" I played light hearted Koji. Speaking of, last week in Ohio, our short film "Till Death" took an honorable mention award. We also took an award for Best Comedy at a film festival in Pennsylvania! Our previous film "Nopperabou" took quite a few awards as well. We are all so honored and happy to have our films be watched by so many people! It's hard to explain what working with Tokyo Cowboys is like. There are so many different people from different countries on set. It's really fun. It also becomes very apparent that what connects us all, people from around the world, are our emotions. Personality may be different, but in the end we are all still the same human being. It doesn't matter how many miles that are between us or what part of the Earth we live in, we are all still connected. Making a film with people from all over the world really helped me understand this. These films are very very special to me. They are my treasures. Moving along, I am so happy to announce that I just finished my 3rd film with Tokyo Cowboys. "The Actor and the Model." Who am I this time? A television show host! I am certain that you will all enjoy this new treasure of mine as well. Yours Kosuke Imai Actor

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