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First Impressions

After I finish writing a script the first think I begin thinking about is the poster. I don’t know why, but having that poster in front of me while we are in preproduction really helps me find the spirit of the film and solidifies the direction of location hunting and casting. The poster helps us unify. If there is a poster, the film is real. We print them out, we hang them up in our rooms. That poster is our promise to the film that it will be finished. With “Jikininki,” we wound up shooting the poster on location. Knowing what the movie was like made it easier to design the poster. Dark shadows and fearful expressions really set the tone for the viewer coming into the film and I was very happy that we waited until we were on set to shoot it. I’ll be honest though, the day I got the pictures I immediately designed the poster. Poor Tomo! I begged him to come and put my mock up together in photo shop the next day. For “The Actor and the Model,” Tomori and I discussed at great length what image we wanted to create for the film. Up until now our posters were very polished and very posed. We wanted to create something more natural and organic. We wanted a picture that felt alive. We also wanted to be careful to not be overtly sexual with the poster even though the movie deals with the topic of sexuality. The poster needed to be a lot, and we were worried about what camera man would be up for the challenge. In the end it wasn’t a man at all. It was a woman. And her name is Yuri Manabe. Yuri is a Japanese photographer and she has a very natural documentary feel to her work. Raw and alive, you immediately feel connected to the subjects of her pictures. Tokyo Cowboys’ ally Yuya introduced her to us after hearing the concept of our poster. We talked over coffee and cake for about two hours and I knew that she would be a great fit for our team. She had a lot of interesting opinions and information about GLBT life and problems in Japan, and she was very easy to talk to. My first impression of her was just amazing! Yuri came on set to visit once before the poster shoot to meet the team and check us out. I really loved that she got in there and started asking Tomori and Watanabe questions about their equipment and how we were shooting things. It felt like we had been working together for years! The day of the poster shoot Ono and I were both a little unsure how we were going to do it, but she told us to just hang out. She asked us to relax and just talk. Be natural. Play cards. Ono and I are very good friends, so it was quite comfortable to just hang out while she worked around us. After about 20 minutes of shooting, she was done. Posters create the first impression of a film. A good poster image will inspire people to look at a trailer, read a synopsis, or to check out a home page. I feel like thanks to Yuri we have a picture which shows two men who care about each other, but there is something going on beyond that. I really recommend checking out Yuri’s homepage if you have time and are into photography. She is quite talented and I look forward to working with her again in the future. We have been editing up a storm over here in Tokyo, and things could not be progressing better with “The Actor and the Model.” I’m quite confident that this is our strongest work to date and I am sure that you will think so too. We have a few more editing sessions before a rough cut will be ready, but I’m thinking an early fall premier! Who is up for a “Jikininki” “The Actor and the Model” double feature? See you at the theater soon. Chris Producer Tokyo Cowboys


脚本を書いてから次は必ずポスターについて考える。ポスターがあれば、皆が映画の雰囲気分かる。キャストとスタッ フが盛り上がる。そして私は映画がポスターと同じようないい作品になるまで頑張る。

Jikininkiのポスターは現場で撮った。現場で撮るのが始めて。普段現場に行く2ヶ月前ぐらいもうポスターはできてるけど現場で撮ってよかった。ポ スターは映画の雰囲気と一緒だし、ポスターのデザインは現場に影響されたし。 正直にいえば、カメラマンから写真をもらって、次の日モックをすぐ作って、いつもポスターの編集してくれるTomoを呼んだ。私がしつこくお願いしたから Tomoは可愛そうだった~!笑 相変わらすTomoがすぐポスターを作ってくれて、Jikininkiのポスターは今日まで携帯のホーム画面の壁紙になってる。

Jikininkiのポスターはよかったから今回もThe Actor and the Modelのポスターも現場で撮ることにした。

でもJikininkiと全然違う映画だからポスターのデザインはどうしようかと思った。友利監督もちょっと心配した。今までのポスターより、もっとシン プルで現実的な写真、その上モデルっぽいポーズではなくドキュメンタリ感がある写真にしないと映画の雰囲気に合っていない。周りにはとても上手なファッ ション系のカメラマンがいるけど目指してるスタイル取れるカメラマンは?回りにいるかな?と心配したところですばらしいカメラマンが現れた。

そしてカメラマンではなくCamera womanだった。

Yuri Manabeと言う方!

Yuriさんは日本人のカメラマンで、撮りかたはとても自然でドキュメンタリっぽい。Yuriさんが取った写真に写ってる人は自然のままに出てる。編集は されているかどうか分からないけど私にはとてもナチュラルな写真ばかり。Yuriさんのホームページを見たら、彼女のスタイルはこのプロジェクトにぴった りだと思った。

Tokyo Cowboysの仲間YuyaさんがYuriさんを紹介してくれた。初めて会った日、私の家でコーヒーを飲みながら楽しく2時間ぐらい話した。Yuriさ んはとても頭良くて、日本人のGLBT文化にたいして色々教えてくれた。第一印象はすごくよかった。この人とどうしても一緒に仕事したいなと思った。

ポスターの撮影の前、Yuriさんが現場に遊びに来てくれた。現場についてからすぐ友利監督とDOPのWatanabeさんと仲良くできて、機材について いっぱい話した。初めてTCBの現場に来た雰囲気ではなく、昔からの仲間だと皆が思った。

そして、ポスター撮影の日がやっと来たら、私とOnoさんがちょっと緊張した。どんな写真を撮るんだろう?と言いながら、Yuriさんが、“自然に話して ください”と言ってた。私たちがトラムプやったり、笑ったりしながら、Yuriさんが私たちの周りで色々なカメラとアングルで写真を撮ってくれた。いつの 間にかYuriが“出来たと思うよ”と言ってた。




そういえば、映画の編集がうまく進んでる。きっと八月までに編集が終わって、九月の間試写会はやる予定。Jikininki/The Actor and The Model一緒に見たい人がいらっしゃいますか?笑




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