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Kintaro - Check list




しかし、ここに来るまでにも色々な苦労がありました。 最初からわかっていた事ではありますが、音響、照明、ヘアメイク、衣装、小道具は勿論、移動の際の車、 ヘアメイクの場所、撮影場所の確保や日程の調整、スタッフ&役者のスケジュール調整…などなど。 あげればキリがないのですが、普段の撮影では当たり前のように用意されている事の有り難みや関係者の方の苦労を 改めて痛感しております。 (まぁこのチームでは多くのプロフェッショナルな方が参加していて、各分野で奮闘してますので、 僕自身はさほど力にはなっていないのですが笑)


ですが、こういった経験がそれぞれのレベルアップにも繋がり、 皆で一つの目的に向かって一丸となって努力する事の幸せを感じております。 それもこれもご支援、ご協力をいただいております皆様のお蔭だと思いますm(__)m まだまだ撮影もこれからが勝負ですが、更に皆と一致団結して最高の作品を作りたいと思います! 俳優


At last, at last! Finally filming has begun! Thanks to all of you everything has been going smooth as it possibly could! I think that if you haven't worked in entertainment before it is hard to know all of the things that go into a scene before the scene gets in front of the camera. I am sure you all know about lights, sound, hair and make up, and clothing. Now think about some of the other things! Special lenses for the camera that have to be rented, the car or bus that everyone needs to get on to get to the filming, a place for doing hair and make up, a location for filming the scene... Even after that there is getting the appropriate licenses, confirming everyone's schedules, getting insurance if needed...the list goes on and on. Since we are a new team there are some obvious things that a more established team would be ready for, but some things come out of no where and catch us off guard! Well, this team is full of working professionals so someone always has a quick fix for any problem we might run into. So far so good! Lol Having said that, this wouldn't be any fun if there weren't any struggles or surprises along the way. We still have a long road ahead of us before we finish this shoot, but we are doing our best to make a movie you can enjoy! Kintaro Aoyama


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