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Miki - Me and my camera

カメラと私 こんにちは! カメラマンのミキです!

今回、二作目となる短編映画。ビル&ベティとキャストは変わらず、クルーは有り難い事に増えましたが、なんと私の相棒”カメラ”が変わりました! 今回はCanonのシネマカメラ”C100”というカメラを使っています。 使いこなすまで練習をしようと、取扱説明書をダウンロード。約220ページの取扱説明書を読み(取扱説明書を読むのが好きです)、各部のボタンをくまなく調べ、メモを撮り、レビューや関連ビデオをみて、とっても楽しいお勉強でした。 カメラを持ち始めたのはたしか10歳の時でした。当時は撮る事に夢中で、カメラの構造などは気にもしていませんでした。大学で工学を学び、カメラの歴史を学び、もっと好きになりました。 動画は写真とは違って、動きや音、たくさんの事が同時に関係してくるのでまたそれも私には新しい挑戦であり、貴重な経験です。 監督やまわりのクルーにたくさんの事を教えてもらい、一緒に学びながら作品作りをさせて頂いております。 カメラが変わった事により前回とはまた違った質感で、とっても仕上がりが楽しみです。 なにより内容もガラッとかわりました。ラブコメディからサスペンスホラーに。 キャストの演技力も見応えがありますが、私のカメラワークにも注目して下さいね☆ 和 美希

Director of Photography / カメラマン

Hello everyone! Director of photographer Miki is back with another blog. We are well underway with our second short film project. The cast is the same. The amazing crew hasn't changed! In fact, we have increased our production members. However, one important thing has changed. We have massively upgraded our camera to a cinema quality Canon C100. I wanted to practice a lot with this camera before we got started so I downloaded the 200 page instruction manual right away. I had to learn the button layout, took all kinds of notes on functions and modes, brushed up on tutorial videos...It was an amazing learning experience. I got my first camera when I was 10 years old and I fell in love with taking pictures. I was never very interested in how cameras worked, I just wanted to take beautiful pictures. Once I got to college I started learning about how cameras were made and the history of cameras. I fell in love with being a camera man all over again. Video is so different from pictures. You have to worry about movement and sound and the quality of the picture all at the same time. It's a new world to me and working on this film is such an important experience. The director and crew are really great for supporting me as I get used to this new world. With every new camera there is a lot of questions. Also a lot of fun. Our first movie was a love comedy, but now we are making a suspense film. There have been so many great performances by our cast so it might be difficult but make sure to notice my amazing camera work too, ok? hehe Miki

Director of Photography


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