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Kintaro - Bathroom




「薪(まき)」のお風呂です☆ 僕の祖父の家に宿泊したのですが、やり方がわからず...


かなり手こずりました(笑) 深夜3時に父を電話で起こし、翌朝7時にまた電話したり… 結局、初日はお風呂に入れず、睡眠も2時間ほどで撮影に突入する事となり...、そのまま深夜までノンストップでした(笑)


ですが、二日目の深夜にようやく時間が空き、家のお風呂には外国人の男性陣が入られたのですが、 日本の古いお風呂が予想以上に好評で嬉しくなりました☆ 子供の頃、正月やお盆に親戚一同が集まっていた家に、20人近くの人間が入れ替わり滞在している姿は なんだか不思議な気持ちにもなりましたが、一つ屋根の下で大人数が生活する事の不便や疲労もある中で、 皆が一つの目的に一丸となって取り組めた最高の時間となりました☆ そして、三日間、早朝から深夜までの撮影で、かなり騒がしかったと思いますが… 苦情の一つも仰らず、逆に差し入れまでしていただいたご近所の方に深く感謝していますm(__)m まだまだ撮影は続きますが、間違いなく良い作品になりそうです。 俳優 青山金太郎

A few days ago our team went to Yamanashi for three days to film some location shots. So many crazy things happened while we were there! One of the problems that we had was the Japanese bathtub. We were all staying at my family home during the three day shoot and there is an old fashioned wood heated Japanese bath in the house. I wanted to treat the cast and crew but I had no idea how to set the tub up! I tried and tried but I had never set it up on mi own before. I tried calling my dad for back up well into the night but we just couldn't figure it out! In the end, the bath tub still wasn't working right so no one was able to get a bath the first night. We had no time to go to a public bath near by so we had to move into the second day of shooting with out bathing properly. However, by the second night we had the bath fixed and myself and the other guys each took a turn soaking our aches away. I was so happy that the foreigners on our team could get a chance to enjoy a traditional Japanese bath! When I was a child, I used to come to this house for New Years and other big holidays. The whole family would get together. This time instead of my family the sounds and faces were all cast and crew. My friends. About 20 of us were doing our best to make things work under that one roof. I'm sure everyone was exhausted, but we stayed a solid team up until the end of the trip. It was so much fun! Every day for three days we shot from morning to night non-stop. I'm sure that we were pretty loud, but none of the towns people complained. I'm extremely grateful for that! Thank you so much. From here we still have a long way to go until we can meet in the theater, but make no mistake! This is going to be an awesome film. Kintaro Aoyama Actor

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