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Screening Event!









Tokyo Cowboysは始まったばかりです!これからもどうぞよろしくお願い致します。


「Screening Event」

Well, it finally happened!

After a two or so month editing period, our newest short film “Nopperabou” made its way onto the big screen for the first time! I would like to personally thank everyone who took the time out of their evenings to come and see our premier screening event in Nakano Zero on February 3rd!

A second thanks goes out to all our crowd funders and contributors (you know who you are), without you, this all would not have been possible on such a scale!

We had a great turnout, a packed house to be exact, tolling in at approximately 90 guests! Not bad for a first screening at all I must say! Don't be worried if you missed the first screening, because there will be many more chances to come, so pleased stay tuned for updates and screening dates!!

In regards to the finished product, it was very surreal to see all our hard work come together and play itself out on the big screen. During all our filming up in Yamanashi I honestly couldn't picture the finished product in my head. Mind you, I was on a strict diet at the time and I wasn't “all there” to be honest, but I think that factor helped my acting out in many scenes.

All that aside though, Tomori-San and Chris did an excellent job of editing the film (in some cases 18 hour editing binges I’m told), putting together the finished product that at the time I couldn't conceptualize. I am very happy with the result and we had great feedback from our first batch of viewers! I cannot wait to share our creation with more and more of you, and hear all of your valuable feedback.

We are just starting as a production group, and have a lot to learn and build upon, but we plan to keep evolving and growing to bring you many more entertaining stories in the months and years to come. The Tokyo Cowboys wont be riding off into the sunset just yet! Stay tuned for more updates for “Nopperabou” viewing dates and info regarding our future projects!

Thanks again, and remember to go home before it gets dark…

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